100th Day of School Activities Fun

100th Day of School Activities Fun

It can be used to support PreK-5th
This is a common use for first-year students.

Includes PDF and 100 pages

Blog Posts with Exemples

The 100-Day School Pack includes:

Steps to and signs for the Workstation

100th day badges

Note home and 100th Day t-shirt Idea

Note home and 100th Day homework project

100 words: I can understand the project

Test mix mat and note-home

stamp 100 pictures

color pages


Fact Families

Combinations over 100

To 100

Both even and odd numbers

Skip Counting

How to Break Down $100

There are three types of nouns: verbs, adjectives, and vowels

The Old Fart Writer

Use base ten blocks

Tally Marks to Count up to 100

Animal leg count up to 100

Shape Side Counting up to 100

Wheel counting up to 100

Mini Book

Fruit-loop necklace activity

Writing prompts

You can find out more!You can find out more!

The following books are being used as comprehension tests for 12th grade students:

Elinor J. pincze: One Hundred Hungry Ants

Natasha wings: The Night Before 100th Day of School

Patricia Reilly Giff: The 100 Book Race Goes Wild in the Reading Room

Cool 100 Days by Stuart J. Murphy

Charles Ghigna – One Hundred Shoes

Margery Cuyler: 100th day worries

Joseph Slate: Miss Bindergarten celebrates 100th Day of Kindergarten

Grace Maccarone’s 100th Birthday

Janet Craig’s 100 Days of Fun at School

Angela Shelf Medearis Celebrates 100 Days of School

Trudy Harris: 100 Days Of School

100 School Days By Anne Rockwell

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The resource contains a wealth of wonderful activities, worksheets, and projects. The comprehension questions and book list are a great addition to my library. Amazing find!

This is going to be an amazing 100th school day for my students. It’s going to be a lot of fun and learning together.


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