14 Home Art Lessons – Distance Learning Packet

14 Home Art Lessons - Distance Learning Packet

It can be used by Homeschool students for grades 2-5.

Includes PDF and 21 pages

These 14 lessons can be added to your home learning package and used in school closings like snow days or calamity day. This take-home art kit contains easy to follow lessons. For simplicity, each instruction page has one page. Each lesson also includes a page to help students. These lessons can be used for both home-school activities or boredom busters on school breaks.

A lot of lessons make the most of your home by using people, objects and textures or any other inspiration you find around the house. Students will be encouraged to explore their creativity and give their ideas a unique twist in all lessons. The parents and children will both have fun creating art with each other!

The following is what your students will do:

  • Make a portrait of a loved one.
  • Trace objects around your house to create art.
  • For abstract art, listen to the instructions.
  • To create abstract art, take a stroll along a straight line.
  • The scene is drawn outside the window.
  • Make a collage of different textures around your house.
  • Use textures to create a landscape.
  • Turn a sentence into art by writing it down.
  • Make a letter into art.
  • Make op art with a simple form to create optical illusions (or ops art).
  • You can create a mixed-up creature with parts of other animals.
  • Modernize the Mona Lisa with a new background & details.
  • Draw 4 Pet Rocks.
  • Imagine a food plate.

You get:

  • 1 page Teacher Instructions
  • One page: Pattern ideas
  • Students Instructions (14) Pages
  • Drawing Pages (5 pages*)

* The frame page is repeated in the packet for clarity, but the repeated pages are not included in the page count.

>>>>> A total of 21 pages!

Take a look at the preview to get a glimpse of every page.

Check out these 3 lessons if you’re not quite ready to purchase.3 Home Art Lessons“.

A version with British spellings for colour, fave, cetere is also available (not included on the page count).

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Expressionist Monkey

A student is severely disruptive and unable to go to resource class. He was in my bedroom, so I used this resource to give him Art assignments. I love it!

These came in handy when I needed to send art materials home to my students while they were enrolled online. Many of my students don’t have reliable or fast internet and are not connected to the internet.


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