1st Grade Digital Guided Reading Comprehension Passages with Questions: Level F

1st Grade Digital Guided Reading Comprehension Passages with Questions: Level F

This can be used to teach 1st and Homeschool students.

Includes: PDF and Guided Reading Leveled Pasages as Google Slides. PDF: 124 Pages – 62 Pages in color + black/white

Remote Learning Reading Comprehension Grade 1: Guided Rdg. Level F

This reading comprehension pack includes 15 passages and text-based questions. Each passage is meant to help children work towards the goal of understanding Level F text, and then answering comprehension questions.

These options offer flexibility for distance learning and/or classroom settings:

1) A link to this document in Google Slides™

2) A link to a page in a document that contains a JPEG of each page.

3) Ready for use with Easel by TpT™ (The enhanced and new TpT digital tool).

4) Printable, in full color PDF

5) Printable, in a traditional PDF format in a black-and-white ink-saving version

There are four multiple-choice questions based on each passage.

They participate in their very first close-reading lessons as students discover the evidence supporting their answers.

Two written response pages are included with each passage. The first page contains standard comprehension questions. The second invites students write sentences and pictures about the passage.

These question and passage sets can be used for small group learning, small group reading, fluency work and intervention sessions.

My kids often go on “scavenger hunting” with me to help them learn word study. They will find words and highlight features that are part of our word work lessons.

The following passages are included:

★What will They Be?


★The Vet

★At the Lake

★ Kangaroos

★ Little Squirrel



★My Bunny

★The Ant and the Grasshopper

★How to build a birdhouse


★In the Boat


★The Ostrich

Covers are included to be used in remote learning packages or reading packets.

You can use this quick and easy method to determine your child’s ideal Guided Reading Placement level. Text Level Estimator.

This resource is for those who subscribe to the TpT school access subscription program. Perfect Pairing PackClick to view Levels E and F. HereTo view the resource, including both levels, click here (This resource is accessible to everyone but was designed to maximize School Access’s value.

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For multiple-choice questions, an answer key is provided. Answers to many written responses questions can be varied and considered correct provided that the student uses the evidence in the text to support their answer.


You can instantly download the PDF file or the digital version.

The terms of service are extended for school closures caused by the coronavirus. This allows you to email the following packet to students and/or families.

You can also share it with your students by using a password protected site, such as Google Classroom.

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Reading Comprehension for Grade 1 {Reading comprehension for Grade 1 Fluency Pathages Guided Rdg. Level F}



Grade-level texts should be read with understanding and purpose.


To support comprehension, you must read fluently and with enough accuracy.


Ask questions and get answers about key details within a text.


Ask questions and get answers about key details within a text.

This interactive activity is ready to use and students can complete it on any device. You can use Easel from TpT for free! Learn more.


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