2021 New Year’s Snack Activity with Visual Directions

2021 New Year's Snack Activity with Visual Directions

It can be used by students who are not of the same grade.

Includes PDF and 20 pages

Revision to reflect 2021

A visual guide to making a New Years Cookie.It also contains an interactive board that allows students to either sequence the steps visually or copy and paste the written instructions in the right order.

The product contains:

* Blank interactive snack board

* Visuals of each step to use on interactive board

* Snack board with visuals

* Blank directions sheet

* Written steps

It is my recommendation:

Simple snack activity Basic visuals and writing activitiesYou can also enjoy my other snack activities. It also includes:

* Basic labels with pictures (Recipe, Ingredients, Utensils and Supplies, and Directions)

* Adjectives with pictures for students to describe snacks

* Peer Questions with Visuals (“Did you like the snack?” “What’s your favourite part?”

* Writing activities (Recipe sheets, Snack Review)

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I am excited to use the 2019 cookie activity for my classroom. I believe my special education classroom will enjoy working on a food activity.

such a fun activity to do on the first week back from winter break!


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