27 Hand-Drawn Picture Frame Coloring Pages (Free Draw, Self-Portraits, History)

27 Hand-Drawn Picture Frame Coloring Pages (Free Draw, Self-Portraits, History)

This can be used as a PreK – 12th grade, Higher Education, Homeschool or Staff.
PreK students are the most common users.

Included: PDF, 27 Pages

27 Hand-Drawn Picture Frame Coloring Pages

I have been dreaming up an all-picture-frame-set for YEARS and am beyond thrilled to bring it to you all! The set comes with 27 picture frames that can be used as drawing prompts.

◾️You can give your students/children a stack of pages and encourage them to draw their masterpieces.

◾️Self-Portraits (Take self-portraits and make them look more majestic by allowing children to color around the frames.

◾The Masters Study (Collect children from schools to give them the opportunity to create masterpieces of art in this stunning frame and elevate art history)

◾️These are great for classes (classes and parties), families (holiday party, holiday travels), or classrooms (holiday parties.These are the best.

These can be used with any of your favourite crayons or markers as well as colored pencils and watercolors.

Digital Download includes 27 PDFs

Ideal for Preschoolers and Students Up

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About the Author

Good morning, friends. My job is to teach preschool and elementary art, as well as college faculty, middle school art teachers, and adults. My hands get stained and my clothes always have paint. I also spend my time teaching people that I love.

My mission is to bring creativity and paintbrushes in hands of everyone, big or small, all around the world. This product is a gift from God. I thank you so much for looking at it.

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It is simply amazing. The set was perfect for students to do a self-portrait. To show their growth, I used the exact same frame from the start to end. Also, certain frames were used in the pack for an “Add on to The Dot”, so that their dot can be framed. I love it!

They were also used to create our Self Portraits section for our school museum. I loved watching my students’ work “professionally displayed” by this exhibit.


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