4.NF.5, 4.NF.6, & 4.NF.7 Practice: Relate Fractions and Decimals

4.NF.5, 4.NF.6, & 4.NF.7 Practice: Relate Fractions and Decimals

This can be used by 3rd-5th grade students.

Includes: PDF, 28 pages

This CCSS-aligned fraction packet has 20 practice sheets. It includes practice fraction and decimal problem, examples, and step by-step instructions. These sheets can be used as reinforcement, review, or introduction to a concept. A key to the answer is included.

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You can also see it here

This packet includes fraction skills:

Tenths and Hundredths Equivalents 4.NF.5(9 pages)

Name tenths or hundredths

– Equivalent tenths & hundredths (using and without models).

– Add tenths or hundredths (with or without models)

– Add tenths to hundredths (with or without models)

Relation fractions and decimals(7 pages)

– Fraction to decimal

– Decimal to fraction

– Words from decimal/fraction

– Decimals on number lines (tenths or hundredths)

– Relation decimals, fractions and money

Compare decimals 4.NF.7(4 pages).

– Compare decimals (using numbers lines, grids, and place value).

– Order decimals

Enjoy! Teach Together

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Thinking about the size of decimals, you can compare two decimals to hundredsths. Comparisons only work if both decimals are part of the same whole. Record the results from comparisons using the symbols =, =, and. Justify the conclusions by using a visual tool, such as a visual model.


Decimal notation is used for fractions with numerators 10 and 100. Rewrite 0.62 as 62/100. Describe a length of 0.62 meters. Locate 0.62 on a number-line diagram.


This resource contains an interactive activity that students can use on any device. The Easel app by TpT can be used for free. Learn more.


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