A Complete Dance Unit for Grades 1-6 (Ontario Curriculum)

A Complete Dance Unit for Grades 1-6 (Ontario Curriculum)

This can be used by staff, students, and homeschoolers for grades 1 through 6.

Included: PDF, 40 Pages

The package can be used by teachers of Grades 1-6 Dance. My assessments follow the Ontario Arts Curriculum but are easily adaptable to your specific needs. These resources aren’t vetted. They are mine personal resources I use to create my program. The package includes:

  • The child-friendly language outlines all curricular requirements
  • Based on the Elements of Dance and specific Expectations, each grade has its own Learning Goals.
  • Creative Process Learning Goals for Primary & Junior division
  • For a range of assessment tasks, three-part lesson plan
  • Ideas for activities to strengthen each Element of Dance 
  • Use these sample wishes and stars to give feedback
  • Report card (Progress & Term) comments you can use or adapt
  • Example Graphic Organizers/Planning tools
  • Evaluation and Assessment tools that can be adapted to your needs

Although the resource is excellent, many activities are not compatible with distance learning. These activities were easy for me to modify, but I would like more specific ones that can be used online. These would be great in a classroom.

The dance unit has impressed me greatly. My students are in K-8 Music, but I also teach music to K-1. I was looking for movement extensions to use with older students and I found them! They are simple to follow and so easy to implement. These plans would be suitable for teachers in classrooms who wish to incorporate arts in their literacy classes. Many of the lessons are connected with literature. Many movement exploration activities are available that could be very helpful for people who have just started learning music. This is a great resource that I cannot recommend enough.


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