A Creative Drama & Movement Lesson Plan Halloween:Pumpkins,Witches &Ghosts,Oh My

A Creative Drama & Movement Lesson Plan Halloween:Pumpkins,Witches &Ghosts,Oh My

This can be used to help PreK-second students.

Included: PDF, 12 Pages

In your classrooms from Pre-K to 2nd grade, get ready for Halloween with movement, drama and sounds. As they improve gross motor skills and coordination as well vocal expressions and rhythm, the students will explore the world of cats, witches ghosts, pumpkins and other Halloween creatures. You can open your student’s eyes to the arts, where they can express themselves in fun and exciting ways.

The National Dance Education Organization and The Educational Theater Association have provided the standards for this lesson plan.

Lesson plans include:




Class Time

Materials are required

You will find step-by-step instructions for both a physical as well as vocal warmup.

Step-by Step instructions for Drama and Movement Circles with poetry

You can attach index cards to all directions provided by the cut-outs

to use during class.

Drama Circle: Expressions of voice and gestures in support of “Five Little Witches”.

Movement Circle: Perform the sounds and movements of Halloween characters using “This Is the Way Witches Fly”

As they celebrate Halloween, your students will be excited to learn and express themselves.


Dance · Drama · Music

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