A Day at the Circus

A Day at the Circus

Can be used for 3rd – 6th students.

Includes: PDF, 7 pages

The circus is in trouble. It is impossible to save the circus even with solo acts. Now the Ringmaster has fired Stagehands…What will they make of it? Enjoy one crazy day at Circus with the clowns, dancers and lion tamer!

A large-scale original play for the stage.

Fun costumes

Flexible Cast of 22-27: 7-12F/4-9M

Purchase of this script entitles the buyer to unlimited use in the classroom and licensing for one amateur, non-for profit performance.

To read the entire play before purchase or purchase a license for professional production or additional amateur performances, please contact the author directly.

Nora Louise Syran


key themes: forgiveness, kindness

Very Cute! Fantastic resource for anyone creating a Circus-themed play.

This is so adorable! Fantastic resource for anyone creating a Circus-themed play.


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