AAC Cooking with Core Vocabulary Set 1

AAC Cooking with Core Vocabulary Set 1

It can be used to teach PreK through 10th
This is a common use for first-year students.

Includes PDF and 43 pages

These are the best AAC-set This was designed to make it easy for you to complete basic cooking lessons. This set focuses only on one word per recipe. The set contains 7 recipes. 

You will need to have a microwave, a plate, knife and fork.

Download this bundle to get started

  • A ready-made resource to help your AAC users
  • Have activities on hand to send home as ‘homework’ with parents
  • Use AAC’s core vocabulary in fun and creative ways


✅– Data tracking sheet.

✅– A visual recipe that includes the core word.

✅– Page for cutting and gluing.

✅Matching picture with ingredients

✅ — WH questions sheet.


✅• Core Board with 18 extra fringe words

✅ — Yes/No questions

✅– Remove core words from sentence

✅ — Like it/don’t like it voting cards


✅– Ances on a Log

✅Trail Mix (in).

✅Dirt Cup (it).

✅ — Fruit Salad (off)

✅ — Tree Cones (now)

✅ — Pizza Bagel (some)

✅ — S’more (down)


You can use this set with both Smarty Symbols or Boardmaker Symbols, provided you have permission to commercially license them. Any symbol used by your student can be changed as long as it is a JPG. Just edit the symbol to match the AAC device of your student and you can get started cooking.

The product can be used as it was created using Smarty Symbols and Boardmaker. You can change any symbol to match the AAC device of your student by uploading any JPG file.


Digital Option: You can use the product digitally as an no-print digital tool by opening it in a pdf viewer. Then, utilize the annotation features to draw, write or type on the document.

✂︎There is no need to prep! All you have to do is print it and go. To get the best print quality, you should print in Adobe (free)



Are these files possible to share digitally with my parents

Yes! Yes, you can. As long as they are shared with your parents directly and kept secure. Send them to your parents as an email attachment, or use a platform that allows you to assign homework. They should not be posted on school websites or shared drives that others have access to. 

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Jenna Rayburn Kirk MA CCC-SLP certified Speech-Language Pathologist. Jenna was an invite speaker at American Speech and Hearing Association Convention 2016 She’s presented at the national, state, and local level about a variety of topics related to school-based speech and language therapy. Jenna, who is currently the #1 seller of SLP resources on TpT with over 350 materials for fellow SLPs, has been a prolific creator.


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It has been something I’ve wanted for years, and now it is mine! It is a great resource! This is a simple but great resource. Many thanks!

I absolutely love the lessons. They cover so many skill areas! It is amazing that I can change icons so my students know what they are.


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