AAC Cooking with Core Vocabulary Set 2

AAC Cooking with Core Vocabulary Set 2

Useful for PreK-Kindergarten – Tenth
Most commonly used for 1st-year students.

Included: PDF, 43 Pages

This AAC set #2 (#2) is designed for AAC users or students who want to improve their English skills. It consists of simple lessons in cooking. This set focuses on A core word for each recipeThis is a. The set contains 7 recipes. This set includes 7 recipes. Cooking can be a wonderful way to teach AAC vocabulary in small groups or special classrooms. You can also send it home to your parents as “homework”. You can target many skills simultaneously when cooking.

The set contains both Smarty Symbols as well as Boardmaker Symbols. Both are available with commercial permission. As long as the JPG file is available, you can change any of these symbols to match any symbol that your student has used. Just edit the symbol to match your student’s AAC device, and you can get started cooking.

You will need to have the following cooking tools: microwave, toaster and plate.


Each recipe includes:

✅– Tracking sheet of data.

✅Visual recipe using the core word.

✅– Page for cutting and gluing.

✅• Picture match with the recipe ingredients

✅ — WH questions sheet.

You will also find the following in your packet

✅– A core board plus 18 fringe words

✅ — Yes/No questions

✅– Separate core word sentences

✅ — Like it/don’t like it voting cards

Here are some recipes/core words that you might find useful:

☞ •Fruit Kabob (One)

☞ •Kitty Rice Cakes (Here)

☞ •Unicorn Parfait (More)

☞ •Banana Cereal Pop (Turn)

☞ •Cake popcorn for Birthdays (Same)

☞ •Blueberry Toast (Look).

☞ •Root Beer Float (Open)

Smarty symbols or Boardmaker can be used to create the product. To change symbols, you will need Adobe Acrobat.

Take a look at Set 1.


⭐︎Digital Option: This product can be used as a digital no-print tool. To do so, you will need to open the PDF in a PDF viewer.

✂︎There is no need to prep! All you have to do is print it and go. To get the best print quality, you should print in Adobe (free)

**This packet includes parts and pieces also included in other SRN products. This allows you to purchase one home-packet that is ready for printing, and it can be used immediately. You can see photos and a preview of all examples.



Are these files possible to share digitally with my parents

Yes! They can be shared as long as the information is secure and not disclosed to parents. They can be sent as an attachment to email or via a website for assignments. They should not be posted on school websites or shared drives that others have access to. 

My student is having difficulty finding symbols. Could you please help me?

Yes These symbol swap tips will help you.You can!

What is the best way to put another symbol into my student’s hands?

These symbol swap tips will help you.You can!

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Many thanks! This resource is a hit with my students. This resource can be easily expanded for students with low vision. The data tracking sheets are great for keeping me organized.

This was a great tool that I found helpful in preparing for lessons and with students. This would help me to increase it.


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