About Me Banner – Cactus- 4 different versions- First day Activity

About Me Banner - Cactus- 4 different versions- First day Activity

This can be used to help students not in the appropriate grade.

Included: PDF. n/a


This product is not transparent. The product does however print with grey tint. It is not possible to make the print transparent due to the lining of the cactus. You can get as transparent as you like with the inclusion of different colors on the cactus.

These images were first printed on white papers, and the students colored them green.

I’m working to create a transparent document. When I complete it, I’ll send you an update.

I’m trying to fulfill everyones needs and am updating as I go. The document currently has four different colors of cactus. There is also one set of printed headlines on the cactus. This was the first edition. I then had students color it. You can print this document on colored paper, but it may not work.

This back-to school activity will help you get to know your students. The questionnaire and activity will assist you in planning class events and parties. You can display your pennies on a bulletin board or wall with them.


Three versions are available: A long, round, or arm-bearing cactus.

6 flower questions: 6 per pack and 6 different questions.

The following sections include:

• A Picture of Me

• My name is ___________

• My birthday is ____________

• I am _______ years old

• My favorites

Colour: ____________

O Food:

Season: ____________

Hobby: ____________

Objet: ____________

o Location: __________

• Two little known facts about me

• My goal for this school year.

These are the questions flowers

When I group up I want to be…

My favorite book to read is…..

My favorite music is….

My favorite holiday is….

My favorite song is….

My favorite show is…

1) Print one Flag Banner Page per Child.

2) Color or print the entire Flag.

3. Cut the flag.

4) Punch holes at the top.

Form 5) Tie flags on string/ribbon.

To give these “About Me” cactus templates a pop of color, I decided to include cactus flower cut outs. You can find premade questions on these cutouts. You can also edit the question sheets to add your questions. After printing out the question sheets, I made six pieces of paper and cut them into small squares. Then, I combined all of the cut flowers in a bowl and gave each student three blooms. My students then answered the question, and they colored their flowers. Finally, my students cut around the outline of the flower and glued the flower onto their “About Me” cactus

These were great for setting up my classroom with a cactus theme. These were wonderful. These saved me time, and my kids enjoyed them. I learned more about my wonderful class thanks to them.

They were loved by my students and shared them with classmates. They were also useful in creating our hallway bulletin board.


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