Act Like a Pirate Movement Cards/Brain Break

Act Like a Pirate Movement Cards/Brain Break

It can be used to teach PreK-First, and Homeschool students.

Also includes: PDF, 10, (usable slides).

Pirate Movement Cards

These cards are great for quick mental breaks in class. The students can pull out a card to demonstrate an action. You can learn vocabulary while having fun. Place the laminated cards on a metal band to ensure durability. You can choose from black/white or color cards. Landscape: 6 per page

What’s includeYou can find this link:

Like a Pirate and climb up

Get into the spirit of a Pirate and dance

You can be a pirate and dig!

You can eat like a Pirate

Take on the role of a Pirate

Fly like a Parrot

Like a Pirate? Hobble

You can look like a Pirate

You can mop your deck like a Pirate

Like a Pirate, Nap

Learn to read maps like a Pirate

You can rock like a pirate ship

Like a Pirate, scrub the deck

Make the meal look like a Pirate.

Be a pirate and stand tall

Take a stance like a Pirate

You can swim like a pirate

Move like a Monkey

You can tell a joke like a pirate

Tiptoe as a Pirate

Wag your tail like a Puppy

You can walk on the plank as a Pirate

Flag wave like a Pirate

**Flash Card Cover

Only AddedYou can find this link:

Point like a Pirate

You can perch as a parrot

Like a Pirate, Sit Crisscross.

Thank you so much for shopping at my store. Time2Learn

It’s a wonderful resource.

Great for movement breaks.


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