African Mask Power Point Lesson

African Mask Power Point Lesson

It can be used by Homeschool and 4th-8th grade students.

Included: PDF, 38 Pages

The African Mask Power Point teaches students about the features of African Masks. This Power Point presentation contains examples of African Masks as well as closure slides, review questions slides and links. The presentation also includes a comparative activity (common core), and a reproducible handout. The instructions for making an African Mask with milk jugs are provided step by step. Each step is illustrated with examples and finished projects. A reproducible rubric is also included.

This project has been a part of my school for more than 12 years. It’s always worked well. It is loved by administrators, students and parents alike. This African milk jug mask looks great hanging in the school hallway.

The lesson is not focused on a particular area of Africa or a particular period. The lesson focuses on African Masks in general.





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There are many online projects for art that seem jumbled together. This one is so thorough. This guide takes you step-by-step with lots of examples and suggestions to get kids thinking. This book is wonderful! I am so grateful!

Powerpoint is beautiful, with great activities and a cool project. Although I was unable to complete the project this year due to time constraints, the slides were great and I also used them for my own project. The kids enjoyed the activities and I found that they engaged in the whole process. Many thanks!


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