All About Me Activity

All About Me Activity

It can be used to make a 4th
Most commonly used by 4th grade students.

Includes PDF and 19 pages

Your 4. 4th GRADERSThis is how they introduce themselves Activities for Back to school ALL ABOUT MEYou can find it here. The kiddos can decorate their own pages and keep track of information. Pages shaped with the number 4Use them all! Use all pages, or select just a few of them to create your All About Me Book!

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These are the contents of the 4th Grade Me:

-“The 4th Grade Me” cover page

-Page 1 & 2: Students record their name/age, the date, their teacher/principal, and their school/school address. (Page 1 has a girl’s face on it and page 2 has a boy’s face on it).

Page 3: The students record the topics they have studied during 3rd Grade, as well as 4 of their teachers and school subjects.

Page 4: Summer memories are recorded by students.

-Page 5: Students record 4 friends, 4 family members, and 4 “new faces”.

-Page 6 : Students should record their 4 questions, 4 facts and 4 details about their teacher as well as their classroom.

-Page 7. Students record four movies, books, or songs.

-Page 8: Students record 4 favorite parts of school and 4 worries or “toughies”.

Page 9: 4 students record their hobbies, 4 pets, and 4 food items.

Page 10: Student record 4 locations, 4 favourite days, and 4 favorites things.

-Page 11 : Students write 4 hopes for 4th Grade and 4 future goals.

-“My New Classmates” page (Autograph page)

Instructions for Teachers

Ideas for decorating the cover page

Photographs showing examples

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Fourth Grade Memories: A End-of-the Year Book

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The 2nd Grade Me: All About Me in School

The Third Grade Me, A Back to School All About Me book

Many thanks!

These books have been a huge hit with my students. My students have repeatedly asked me, “Can we work on our books?” More times than I can count.

This is a great activity to do in the first week. Every page will allow you to learn more about your students. Writing and drawing about students is a great way to get to know them. This is an activity that requires no stress. It is a great activity for students who don’t like drawing. I let them write instead.


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