All About Me Art | Hoodie Design Activity

All About Me Art | Hoodie Design Activity

It can be used as a Homeschool 5th-8th grader
Most commonly used for 5th-6th grade students.

Includes PDF (46 pages)

This writing and art activity is called “Hoodie About Me”. This is an innovative way for boys and girls to get to know each other. This is a unique way to get to know your fellow students and teachers.

Students are invited to answer prompts in an imaginative and personal way. They can use doodles or words to make sweatshirts that reflect their uniqueness.

Hoodie Design Activity:

There are many options for templates to choose from.

Auto portrait with name, grade and favorite color. Also includes subject, job, sport, movie, or singer.

Optional Writing Activity

You can add a flap pocket at the top of the hoodie to help you set goals, think about summer and write on the provided templates.

Grange and posters:

This packet contains posters and garlands titled “All About Us” to brighten up your classroom and make it inspiring.

Activities to Finish Early:

Make bookmarks and doodle pages.

Images of the Finished Example:

You will find photographs of the completed projects in your packet. To appeal to children aged 5 and above, you can use colored markers and a black pen to draw illustrative designs.

Hoodie templates have a dimension of approximately 9.5×7.5inches and are suitable for US Letter and US A4 paper.

When glued together, the fronts and backs will align.

The 2 activities are meant to be completed on their own pieces of paper. They cannot be combined on one piece of paper.

Because paper is susceptible to movement during printing, accuracy in two-sided printing can’t be ensured.

You can display the finished hoodies on the bulletin board, or as a garland by tying them on to a string.

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It was amazing to watch my students create their art. They were the talk of the class every time I put them up.

It is an excellent resource. It was easy to use, and the students loved it. Middle schoolers loved to personalize it.


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