All About Me Back to School Activity | Soccer Ball Art

All About Me Back to School Activity |  Soccer Ball Art

It can be used by Homeschool students for grades 4-7.

Included: PDF, 22 Pages

“A Soccer Ball About Me”This is an all-about me, creative art activity that will be a great first week back at school.

Students are invited to use this soccer ball template to answer prompts with doodles and mark-making, graffiti lettering, imagery, or a combination thereof.

In 2021 I also designed Basketball About MeArt and Writing Resource

The ball template has 16 instructions/prompts.

  • Name, Age, Self Portrait,
  • Favorite song, food, book, sport, and color
  • You can color this or take a stroll along the line.

You will also find the following in your packet

  • Students can decorate the garland ‘A Ball About Me,’ which they can display and display.

It will be a big welcome banner for your new classroom.

To help you relax and finish your work early

  • Create a bookmark for a soccer ball
  • You can explore the patterns, shapes and colors of two more abstract soccer ball doodle worksheets.

Materials Required:

  • For this activity, you will need only the basics: quality paper to print, markers pens or colored pencils, string, pegs, and string.
  • To create an appealing, modern style for grade 4, and beyond, the color illustration in this packet includes a photo of a color example.
  • These artworks can be used to make an eye-catching group display or suspended from the ceiling. You can see them spinning!
  • You can also use them as sketchbook or personal journal covers.
  • This lesson is ideal for ice breaking or teaching art skills.
  • The UK/Aus/NZ version is available with “favourite Colour” spelling. Artwork prints are also possible on A4 paper.

Some happy customer feedback is here:

’Great back to school activity! This model is great for inspiring students. The models are great for lockers. ‘

‘The students enjoyed creating these about themselves. I even had the teachers on my team create one in order for the students to learn more about them.’

‘This really caught my eye for a back to school activity to do with my Life Skills students 9-12 high school. It is so different than what I have seen and allows students to be creative.’

‘Perfect for my soccer loving reluctant writers’

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My scholars loved this activity. It was a welcome change to a typical icebreaker. 90% of my students currently play soccer, so that made it even more appealing. I now also have student art for my classroom walls!

My students enjoyed this get to know you activity. Simple instructions were easy for most of my 5/6″s to follow although I had to read the boxes to a few students. The extra activities were appreciated by me, especially for the early finishers.


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