All About Me Back to School Backpack Booklet Art Activity

All About Me Back to School Backpack Booklet Art Activity

It can be used to teach 5th-8th grade, Homeschoolers.

Included: PDF, 40 Pages

With this multipage booklet that includes creative writing, art and goal-setting pages, you can engage and concentrate older students in their first week back.

Teachers and students can learn a lot from each other in this unique way. It’s great for boys and girls.

Students are encouraged to use both images and words to reply to these prompts. They can create amazing backpack books that show their uniqueness, as well as their hopes, fears and dreams for the next year.

See the Five detailed Preview PagesTo view the entire resource, click here

The Backpack about You: Activity Pages

  • All About Me Illustration Front Page with Fold Up Flap Option
  • All About Me Written prompts with fold down flap
  • Goal setting page
  • Weekly planner
  • My booklist
  • The coloring page “What’s Inside My Backpack”
  • You can use both lined and unlined templates to make your own inserts for your book pages
  • Check out this packing list to pack for an imaginary weekend of adventure with friends


To make their classrooms more vibrant and inspirational, students can use a range of backpack garland design ideas to decorate them.

Additional activities:

My backpack: What is inside?

Make your own water bottles!

Doodle name backpacks

Doodle sticky notes – blank, lined, apples

Pencil doodles

Instructions and photographs of finished examples:

The packet includes photographs of finished examples. They were created using black pen with colored markers. This style is suitable for slightly older grade 5+ children.

For printing, the templates will fit US Letter size and US A4 sizes.

Templates include the UK/Can/Aus spellings for colour favourite.

You can display the finished backpacks on the bulletin board, or as a garland by tying it on a string.

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