All About Me – My Healthy Body Craftivity

All About Me - My Healthy Body Craftivity

This can be used by PreK-2nd graders and homeschoolers.

Included: PDF, 111 Pages

Students create a healthy body and shape booklet called “All About Me” in this pack. The instructions for building the book include both written and illustrated directions. A fun cover idea is provided, however the book can also be constructed without the cover. The book includes a full-color teacher read aloud book. It can either be used to introduce the unit, or it can be used for as many times as necessary as the unit develops. These words can be used in preK, kindergarten and first grades. Illustrations are created by students for the pages below:

1. Heart

2. lungs

3. digestive system

4. Brain

5. The Skeleton

Healthy eating

7. exercise

8. Sleep


Hand washing

11. 5.

These simple ideas will show you how your heart, lungs and digestive system function. They also explain how hand washing can help with your health.

The book can be created using either a Level 1 or Level 2 reading option. A brief introduction to, food families and how important it is for us to exercise is also included.

For Kindergarten through First Grade, the Level 1 reading choice is for you. The book can be used in whatever order you choose.

Please Note: Although the optional cover can take some time, the final product is well worth it!



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