All About You Self Portraits Unit

All About You Self Portraits Unit

This can be used to teach 3rd through 6th grades, Homeschool and Homeschool students.

Includes PDF and 20 pages

It’s the ideal cross-curricular art and ELA lesson for students to get to know each other. Learn about some of the most famous artists. Create your own self-portraits. Write a piece about yourself and explain why you chose that way.

Teachers will find lesson plans and scripts to help them confidently and without any prior art history knowledge.

This unit is cross-curricular in Art and English Language Arts, so it’s perfect for elementary students.

Table of Contents

Page 1: Page Cover

Page 2: Introduction

Page 3: Table des Contents

Page 4–8: Lesson Plans and Teacher Scripts

Page 9: Vincent van Gogh

Page 10: Raphael Sanzio

Page 11: Gustave Courbet

Page 12: Artemisia Gentileschi

Page 13: Elisabeth Vigée-Le Brun

Page 14: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Page 15: Graphic Organizer “All About Me”, US version

Page 16: Graphic Organizer “All About Me”, Canadian Version

Page 17: Self-Portrait Sketch (US version).

Page 18: Self-Portrait Sketch (Canadian version).

Page 19: Self-Portrait Writing Templates

Page 20: Thank you and Credits

This product was the right choice for me! I searched the marketplace for the best cross-curriculuar unit for my gifted and talented second grade students. This product is a great springboard for teachers without artistic or artistic backgrounds. Thank you!

WOW! Wow! What a great product. It is so exciting to be able to use this product with my students the first week. It is also cross-curricular, which I love! It will be a great way for students to learn about and create their art!

You can assemble this mini-unit quickly and without any preparation.This is what you should do!


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