Alphabet Activities: How to Draw BUNDLE

Alphabet Activities: How to Draw BUNDLE

Useful for PreK-First
Most commonly used by Kindergarten students.

Includes PDF (56 pages)

How to Draw BUNDLE includes volume 1 & 2. Each volume has a separate set of guided drawing worksheets that correspond to each letter in the alphabet. The process of “directed drawing” is a fabulous activity for early learners, and is not just merely a way to practice following directions. This is an excellent way to improve spatial awareness and shape recognition. You can also practice using position words “below, above, next to, etc.” Finally, it builds self confidence as students practice their small motor skills.

NOTE: These full-sized pages (8 1/2″ x 11.5″) are available.

It specifically addresses the Kindergarten common core math standards {K.G.B.1,6} Learning Objective: “I can name shapes” “I can use shapes to make other objects”. You can also practice phonemic awareness by writing letters and identifying their initial sounds. {K.L.1a, K.RF.3a} “I can write my letters” “I can hear the sound a letter makes at the beginning of a word”

Volume 1

A – Ant

B – Butterfly


d – dinosaur

e = elephant

f – fish


H – House

I = Ice Cream

j – jellyfish

K – Kite

l – lion

Mouse – m

n – nurse

o – ostrich

p – penguin

q – quilt

R – Rocket

S – Spider

t- a turtle

U – Unicycle

v – volcano

w = witch

x – fox

y – yak

z – zebra

Volume 2

A – alligator

b = beaver

C – Cat

D – Dog

e – eggs

Flag – f

g = Giraffe

H – Hippos

I – Island

Jacket j

k – kangaroo

L – Ladybug

M – Monkey

N – Narwhal


P – Pig

q – queen

R – Robot

S – snail

T – Train

u – umbrella

v – vacuum

w = walrus

x – xylophone

y – yarn

z – zinnia

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I loved this resource to help students with their first sound fluency. When they were confident in their ability to illustrate, I added it to my writing center. This was amazing!

Excellent resource! It was very easy for my students to use. They were engaged throughout the lesson.Thanks for sharing!


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