Alphabet Crafts and Writing Papers

Alphabet Crafts and Writing Papers

It can be used to make K – 3rd
This is mainly used for Kindergarten students.

Included: PDF, 139 Pages

Alphabet crafts can be used to teach letter sounds, fine motor skills and creativity. Every craft comes with a matching writing paper in three line variants.

Our One-page CraftsThey are quick to make, simple and easy for students. To complete these crafts, you will only need to copy one page for each student.

Before assembling and cutting their crafts, students color their pages. The assembly process for each craft may vary slightly.

To make it more challenging for students, you can add crafty details.

Two versions have been included for each craft: one is plain, the other includes focus letters and an area that contains a prewriting line.

A bonus assortment of coordinating “writing papers” has been included as an extension of the art or craft lesson. You may ask your students for a piece to be displayed with the craft. Each writing paper is blank, so you can make your own lessons in writing!

The writing papers file contains three different variations of ‘line’.

This includes 26 crafts

1. Ant

2. Bear

3. Caterpillar

4. 4.

5. Elephant

6. 6.

7. Goat

8. 8.

9. Iguana

10. 10.

11. 11.

12. Lion

13. Mouse

14. Night Owl

15. 15.

16. Penguin

17. Quail

18. Racoon

19. Snake

20. Turtle

21. Umbrella Bird

22. Vulture

23. Walrus

24. Fox

25. Yak

26. Zebra

More ONE Page Craft packs are available HERE

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I need to practice cutting with my little ones. It’s difficult to show this skill on a computer monitor. My school sent many of these pages home during a material distribution. It’s working well! We complete the appropriate page with each letter we receive. Although I am unable to help the students, it is easier because an adult can correct the mistakes they make. The finished product is simply adorable.

Your products are amazing! You have my email address! It would be great if there were a sale on TPT, but I am sold.


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