Alphabet Directed Drawing Activities – ‘More Alphabet Directed Drawing’

Alphabet Directed Drawing Activities - 'More Alphabet Directed Drawing'

It can be used by K-through-3rd grade, homeschool and other students.

Includes PDF and 130 pages

My second bestseller alphabet phonics-based activity packet is this packet “More Alphabet Directed Drawing”.

You will receive 104 additional worksheets that will allow you to integrate alphabetic and letter-themed learning with writing, art and writing.


Choose from any of the following 4 projects for each drawing 

  • Directed drawing in its original form
  • Big draw
  • Write OR. 
  • Read-Draw-Write

Drawing directed allows students to be successful in their learning of drawing and motivates them to write.

The The Classic Directed DrawingStudents can simply draw by following the steps.

Draw hugeThe steps are on one page. A page with a bordered, bordered worksheet allows students to make large-scale artwork. 

Draw and writeThere is a space to allow students to draw using the separate page. 

The “Read, Draw, Write” Style worksheets encourage students to use the words in the word bank to create a picture. Students can also follow the steps to draw lines to describe their topic or to illustrate the picture.

Every short sound beginning with the alphabet can be represented. An ‘ox’ has been used to represent the sound ‘x, and an “ice cream” for the word i.

These are the direct drawings that were included in this file:

These are the direct drawings that were included in this file:

a – ambulance


C – Cat

d – duck

E – Elephant

F – Frog

G – Goat

h – horse

I – Ice cream

j – jet

K – Koala

l – lion

M – Monkey

n – numbat (Australian native animal)

o – ox

p – penguin

q – queen

R = Racoon

s = snail

t – tiger

u – umbrella (beach)

v – volcano

W – Whale

x – xylophone

y – yogurt

z – Zeppelin


i – igloo (short i)

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