Ancient Egypt: Pyramids, Treasure, Mummies, and More!

Ancient Egypt: Pyramids, Treasure, Mummies, and More!

It can be used by 2nd-6th-grade Homeschool students.

Includes PDF and 36 pages

This slideshow provides basic information about Ancient Egypt. It can be used at the start of an unit on Ancient Egyptian culture, art, and pyramids.

This PDF also includes:

A Map showing where Egypt is located

Pyramids at Giza


Event Timeline


Step Pyramid at Zoser


Tomb Paintings

Egyptian Museum

King Tut- How Did He Die?

Items in a Tomb

Tomb sculptures

What’s a Mummy?

Animal Mummies

End of the quiz with five review questions

The download contains two versions of this slideshow. Original version includes a slide with pictures of unwrapped mummified mummies. For those who think it might be too frightening for students, the other version doesn’t include this slide.

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Engage resource

It’s a wonderful resource.


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