Ancient Egyptian Animal Mummies Art Project

Ancient Egyptian Animal Mummies Art Project

It can be used to help 5th and 8th-grade students.

Included: 200 pages PDF

Middle school students are fascinated by mummies and love to learn about them. When they are learning about the history of ancient Egypt, students love to create their own replicas of mummies. You will find everything you need for an engaging and fun way to educate about the ancient Egyptian animal-mummies. Many students love this memorable activity for making mummies.

The file includes the “Animal Mummies” art history lecture, which is a 30-slide-long PowerPoint presentation. This presentation answers the following questions. Students will learn about three types of ancient Egyptian animal mummies: sacred and pets. The background information can be used to launch a project that will see students create fake animal mummies. Photos of examples from students are included. As a PDF, you will find a 2 page note guide as well as a drawing worksheet.

The art project lesson plan is a 3 page PDF, and it explains how to construct an animal mummy sculpture out of papier-mâché and plaster. It also includes the grading rubric, which focuses on visual elements such as form and texture. The rubric comes in two versions: the one worth 100 points and the second has a section with blank points for teachers who need to modify the values.

This download also includes “How to Make a Fake Animal Mummy,” which is an incredibly detailed project tutorial. The PowerPoint presentation includes photos and text that can be shared with students. This presentation has 195 slides. The prepared demonstration shows students how to create a papier-mâché and plaster sculpture of an Egyptian animal. This helps save class work time because the teacher doesn’t need to do a demonstration for each class, and it assures that all students can see the steps. You can also leave the classroom with a substitute teacher.

Anchor: 10. Create art by combining knowledge with personal experiences.

Anchor1. For a deeper understanding of artistic concepts and works, it is important to link them with historical, cultural, or societal contexts.

Lesson ObjectiveStudents will learn how to design and make a 3-D sculpture.

Lesson ActivityStudent will learn how to recognize different kinds of animal mummies, and then create their own sculpture.

Materials: “Animal Mummies” PowerPoint, “Animal Mummies Note Guide and Mummy Plan,” “Fake Animal Mummy Rubrics,” “How to Make a Fake Animal Mummy” PowerPoint, papier-mâché paste, newspaper, dowels for armatures, 1 yard of plaster bandaging per student, scissors, water cups, “Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs Cartouche Worksheet,” and permanent markers

TimeYou can choose from 10 different classes

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