Ancient Egyptian Mummy Reenactment Activity

Ancient Egyptian Mummy Reenactment Activity

Can be used for 4th – 7th
Mostly used with 6th students.

Includes: PDF, 22 pages


Teach students about ancient Egyptian mummification with this fun and interactive reenactment activity. Students will role-play while they learn how to “mummify” one of their classmates, who will play the part of the deceased pharaoh. The rest of the class will pretend to be embalmers, priests, priestesses, and other people involved in the mummification process. Students will be given cards that illustrate different burial items as well as items used for mummification. The cheat sheet will be used by the educator to guide the activity. It summarizes mummification and the order of artifacts.

The “Ancient Egyptian Mummy Reenactment Activity” is a downloadable zip file. All files are available in PDF format. This lesson plan will guide you and your class through the hands-on role play activity. The coordinating products for each step in the mummification process are listed. This cheat sheet gives quick access to all items in the chart. You can print nine pages of cards. Each page includes 4 images with labels. There are 36 items, including the mummy, canopic containers and sacred amulets. Scrolls and other burial items are also included. Additional amulets in different colors can be added to accommodate larger classes. There are 25 images. You can print the same images in black and white, to reduce printing costs.
Preparing for this lesson? Print, laminate, and cut the cards. You will need to cut or tear strips to wrap the “mummy”. You can use old fabric sheets or scraps in any color. This is how embalmers wrap real mummies taken from ancient Egypt. 

Anchor Standard 11: Relate artistic ideas and works with societal, cultural, and historical
context to deepen understanding.
Students will be able identify and describe Egyptian mummification.
Activity: The students will make a “mummy.”
Assessment: The instructor will watch for student participation Materials: Mummy reenactment cards, strips of fabric
Materials: Mummy Reenactment cards, strips of fabric, “Mummy Reenactment Cheat Sheet”
Time: 1 Class

This mummification activity is fun to do as part of a Halloween , world history, or an Egyptology themed unit. To teach students how to draw in the ancient Egyptian style with a step-by-step PowerPoint demonstrations, check out
Draw Like an Egyptian.

If you like the images used, purchase the complete set of Mummy’s Tomb Clip Art.


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