Ancient Greece Clipart: Mediterranean Sea Civilization {Glitter Meets Glue}

Ancient Greece Clipart: Mediterranean Sea Civilization {Glitter Meets Glue}

It can be used by students who are not of the same grade.

Included: PDF, 32 Pages

Ancient Greece Clip ArtThis clipart will help you study the history and art of ancient civilisations. You can create a virtual tour that takes you around the Acropolis, including sounds and sights unique to this region like the Parthenon or the Olympics. Playing cards can be used to explain the significance of Gods and symbols from Greece. Powerpoint lessons should be captivating to grab your students’ attention.

What is CLIP ART?

Clip art, also known as “clipart”, is digital images that can easily be imported to desktop publishing or graphic design software. This allows you to create documents like those used in classrooms. You can either use hand-drawn images or digitally drawn images on a tablet. These images are then colored with graphic design software.

Clip art is used by classroom teachers to design bulletin boards, PowerPoint presentations, handouts, worksheets, classroom newsletters, classroom decorations, classroom calendars and class schedules with special needs pictures.


  • 16 Color Images in.png Format
  • 16 blackline images available in the.png file format
  • Achilles (warrior)
  • Amphora Pottery Vessel
  • Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom
  • Athena Coin Obverse
  • Athena Coin Reverse
  • Blank Scroll
  • Caduceus Symbol
  • Chariot Racer for Horses
  • Discus Thrower sculpture
  • Kantharos Pottery Vessel
  • Lyric poet with Harp
  • Olive Branch Olympic Wreath
  • Building Parthenon
  • Greek Tragedy mask
  • Wooden Warship
  • Lightning and Zeus the Father of all Gods



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Created by Amie Bentley, © Glitter Meets Glue Designs, LLC

Great quality clipart! Many thanks!Thanks!

These are my favorite! I love the fun glitter in these images!


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