Ancient Rome Clipart: Tiber River Civilization & Culture {Glitter Meets Glue}

Ancient Rome Clipart: Tiber River Civilization & Culture {Glitter Meets Glue}

This can be used to help students not in the appropriate grade.

Included: PDF, 32 Pages

Ancient Rome Clip ArtUse this clipart to study ancient civilizations’ art history with your social studies and visual arts students. Make a walking tour of your city that includes sights and sounds specific to each area, such as the Colosseum (or Arch of Titus). Playing cards can be used to explain the significance of Gods, Roman symbols and their importance.

What is CLIP ART?

Clip art, also known as “clipart”, is digital images that can easily be imported to desktop publishing or graphic design software. This allows you to create documents like those used in classrooms. This can include hand-drawn illustrations that were scanned in to the computer, or completely digital images created on a tablet. The latter are colored by graphic design software.

Teachers use clipart to decorate bulletin boards and PowerPoint presentations. They also create worksheets or handouts.


  • 16 colour images in the.png file format
  • 16 blackline images available in the.png file format
  • Aquila Symbol, Legion Symbol
  • Arch of Titus
  • Blank Scroll
  • Chariot Racer
  • Colosseum
  • Constantine Coin
  • Augustus, Emperor
  • Fasces Symbol of Authority and Power
  • Gladiator
  • Laurel Wreath
  • Marcus Aurelius Coin
  • Minerva, Goddess Of War
  • Mount Vesuvius
  • Neptune: God of the Sea
  • Terracotta Pottery
  • Roman Warship



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Created by Amie Bentley, © Glitter Meets Glue Designs, LLC

Great quality clipart! Many thanks!Thank you!

Many thanks. Thank you for this wonderful resource.


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