Animal Action Cards. 25 cards. Digital download. Movement game for kids.

Animal Action Cards. 25 cards. Digital download. Movement game for kids.

This can be used to teach PreK through 1st grade.

Included: PDF, 25 Pages

For kids who enjoy running, jumping and being active, this card game is perfect. This card game includes 25 action cards that encourage kids to do the activities on the card.

You can play this card game with just one child, or with your whole family. You can use it at playdates, daycares and preschools. This can be done by showing one child each card. You can also stack the cards and each child will take one of the cards from the stack and then repeat the actions on the card.

This download contains:

1. This pdf file contains 4 pages of cards. This PDF file can be printed at home. These cards can be laminated later to increase their durability. These cards are smaller than the ones you would get on a page, but they’re still very useful.

2. This pdf file contains 2 pages of cards. If you need to print large cards, this file will work.

3. This folder contains 25 jpg photos. Each image is 700xx1024px. For printing, converted to CMYK These files allow you to print your cards at any size.

4. Download a pdf file that includes instructions for making your own paper dice. These cards can be used to make dice. You will need a card. Roll a dice. Continue the action by placing a card on top of the die. Any dice can be used, but you also have the option to use this pdf file for making a paper version.



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