Any Day Fun Drama Circle

Any Day Fun Drama Circle

It can be used to make 3rd or 6th
This is mainly used for 5th-grade students.

Includes PDF and 23 pages

This Drama Circle activity will make your day more fun in class. The Drama Circle activity is similar to “I Have/Who Has”, and can be used to improve oral fluency and follow directions. The 40 cards are arranged in a sequential order, each with a different instruction. To perform the scenarios, students gather in a circle. Each student acts out one card. The next student in the sequence begins acting out the card. Continue the game until you have acted out your last card.

Give drama classes to students who enjoy it. MATH CIRCLESGive it a shot. Please click HINT CLICK HERETake a look.

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This was a great resource.
Initially, some students weren’t keen to use this method, but they became more comfortable with it over time.
A fun way to make dramatic gestures!

This drama circle is more difficult for younger people. They all had a lot of fun. It was fun again. We are grateful! Drama circles are always a huge success.


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