Argument Writing UNIT Common Core Grades 6-12 Editable

Argument Writing UNIT Common Core Grades 6-12 Editable

This can be used by 8th-11th grade Homeschool students.

Includes: PDF, 142 Pages

My Argument Writing unit will teach your students how to create argument essays step by step. It is compatible with the Common Core State Standards (grades 6-12).

Updated to include EDITABLE handouts (using Google Slides)

This is included in my mega-bundle. All of my WRITING RESURES MEGA BUNDLEAlso included in my? Bundle of Argument Essay Writing + Editable Presentation and Handouts.

My outline, graphic organizers and instructions will make it easy for students to write an argument. I have broken down the standards and looked at the exact skills students need to master them. Then, I made it easy for students to understand the organizers and images.

Students will be able to:
Form claims
Strengthen claims
Research data and facts are needed to support claims
– Create outline
-Address counterclaims, and write rebuttals
-Write the introduction and conclusion
-Cite sources using MLA format. Style guidelines updated with MLA 8th edition guides and handouts.

You will find detailed grading rubrics to help you assess your students in grades 6-8 and 9-12. The rubrics go beyond the writing standards. They include alignment with the language and reading standards.

This unit includes the individual products listed below:

Argument Writing Student Visual Guide, (PDF only)

Argument Writing Editable Student Handouts

Argument Writing Common Core Aligned Student Rubrics

*It does NOT include*
You can find the companion presentation in EDITABLE format right here
Argument Writing Presentation – Editable – Companion for the Student Guide and Handouts

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Bundle of Argument Essay Writing + Editable Presentation and Handouts

UPDATED NOV. 2016Google Drive handouts & rubrics are editable and can be shared via Google Classroom (or another secured website like Edmodo).

UPDATED SEPT. 2016.MLA 8th Edition Format Guidelines are provided along with handouts for documenting resources.

UPDATED MARRCH 2014:Includes detailed instructions and examples Common Core Argument Writing STUDENT GUIDE, Grades 6-12. This bundle now has 30+ additional pages!
I also included a detailed example for a counterclaim paragraph and rebuttal sentence. I created several visual aids to show students what is required for a strong counterclaim rebuttal sentence. This bundle now contains over 100 pages.

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Created by ©Tracee Orman
Mrs. Orman’s Classroom



Collect relevant information from multiple digital and print sources. Evaluate the credibility and accuracy of each source and then integrate it. Avoid plagiarism.


Focused questions are used to conduct research that demonstrates understanding of the subject.


You can improve and strengthen your writing by revising, editing, editing, rewriting or trying a different approach.


Plan, revise, edit, rewrite, or try a new approach to writing. This will help you develop and strengthen your writing.


Includes Google Apps™The Teacher-Author stated that this resource includes assets from Google Workspace, e.g. docs, slides, etc.? Easel ActivityThis interactive activity is ready to use and students can complete it on any device. You can use Easel from TpT for free! Find out more.


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