Art Around the World: Famous Artists, Journals, Centers, Games & More

Art Around the World: Famous Artists, Journals, Centers, Games & More

It can be used by Homeschool, 1st-8th grade students.

Includes PDF and 44 pages

Art Around the World is a program that teaches you how to recognize and study the works of famous artists. It was designed as a one-week art program. This unit includes: A week-long outline Artist Bio Information Demonstration, Project Details and Research Task Stems Computer Time Schedules for 3 Age Groups Teacher/Helper Requirements

These are great ideas. Excellent creativity! Sarah, my favorite thing about the TPT shop is that I can buy ready-made, low prep materials that are educationally sound and time-saving. In this instance, however, I believe I would have failed in my duty as a teacher to not point out some “helpful tips” that could increase sales. I have had a positive experience with the package and would love to share some of my thoughts.
Have the biographies of the artists prepared, kid-friendly, and with larger portraits ready for reading. This would allow me to give the biography to my students (as many have requested). It also allows me to save time, instead of following your links, reviewing it, evaluating its appropriateness, writing up the grades for them, etc. as I am constantly looking for time-saving resources. Some of my students don’t have access to computers, so I don’t have any computers. Giving them a brief biography about an artist makes them happy, and allows them to expand their knowledge. In this age of common core learning standards, I think it would be appreciated if there was a way to assess comprehension, critical thinking, and visual skills.
Sarah, you may have already heard it. But it is true that artists have to justify their occupation with endless paperwork. Although we know the educational advantages of art in the curriculum for our students’, we have to show it to other people.
To help you with the project, I would suggest that you include large photographs of all the artists’ artwork, step-by-step directions, and visual examples. Also, show examples of the works he has done . It is not appropriate to display every artist’s entire body of work for every grade. Photos of completed art by the students, along with criteria for student expectations and a visual guideline.
In reference to art games: I would be very grateful if printed instructions with rules, scoring, and material needed were available. This way, I won’t need to drive an hour to Lowes, which is approximately one-half hours away. It would also have helped to make the images bigger for little kids.
Thank you for your wonderful ideas regarding art practice and drawing journals. These will be laminated so that the early finishers have a choice of drawing.
These are fantastic ideas in your “ideas” section. However, you need to give a photo (photo) and a description of the bulletin board. Also, include any materials required, such as a map of the world or paper arrows.
It’s a great idea to add facts about each artist, in reference to the time frame. If the cards had a larger size or even more pages, I think it would have been great to include information about the artist. Also, the picture and one of their best-known artworks would make the card very useful.
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You could also make 3 separate more in-depth packets for grades 1-2 through 3-5 and 6-8. I think it would be very helpful because you already know what the educational needs are at each stage. Also, this would allow you to reach a larger audience on the TPT marketplace, which would include 8th grade teachers that don’t wish to buy materials for the 1st.
In closing, thank you so much for listening to me. I can see that you’re very creative. I look forward to hearing what else you have.

Although this is a great resource, I would have liked to see pictures showing the specific steps of each project. The games and the ideas for the center as well as the journals are great. Excellent ideas, which can be applied all year. Many thanks!


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