Art Class Decor Watercolor Terms-EDITABLE

Art Class Decor Watercolor Terms-EDITABLE

Can be used for Not Grade Specific students.

Includes: PDF, 120 pages

These Art Classroom Posters teach art vocabulary in 10 colors. These watercolor art vocabulary words can be customized to your classroom with these hand-painted watercolors. These 81 terms are ideal for art rooms in elementary, middle, and high schools. These beautiful watercolor vocabulary words add beauty and color to your classroom decor. Click here to find out more.

What is included:

  • Hand-painted watercolor in a set of 10 carefully collected rainbow colors.
  • In both alphabetical or rainbow order, there are 81 terms.
  • EDITABLE PowerPoint included users can change speeling to the UK version or create more terms.
  • The set includes three different file formats jpeg, PDF, and PNG (resize the PNG file if desired) of high-quality images.
  • The words are printed on 8.5×11 paper and are formatted two per page the individual labels measure approximately 4″x10.8″.
  • To get the best results, select “Scale to Print” to print the entire image.

What other uses can I make of this product?

  • Hang or display the terms word wall in your classroom for enhanced learning.
  • Create a bulletin board of the words in or outside of the classroom to get the students excited about learning.
  • During lessons refer to the terms on the wall so students have a visual representation of the terms.
  • Use the list as an exit ticket students could say or write the answer to “What art vocabulary did you learn today?”
  • In an artist statement, students could say or write “What art vocabulary did you apply in your art-making process?”

What does this product do to enhance learning?

  • This comprehensible list of vocabulary will enrich your student’s learning and impress your administrators.
  • Posting the terms in your classroom will help to meet curriculum National standards.
  • Vocabulary plays a fundamental role in the reading process and is critical to reading comprehension.
  • Students learn the meanings of most words indirectly, through everyday experiences with oral and written language, including the display of words

What grade levels is this resource created for?

Elementary school. Middle school and high school students.

This product has watercolors that I love! It is beautiful and practical. We are grateful for this resource of high quality.

These are simply stunning. These are stunning!


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