ART Critique, Open-Ended (6 Printable Art Worksheets), Art Lesson

ART Critique, Open-Ended  (6 Printable Art Worksheets), Art Lesson

It can be used to teach 3rd-6th grades.

Included: PDF, 6 Pages

These six worksheets were created by me for third-grade art ELL students.

You can use them as Open-Ended criticisms





Art and sculpture


The Open Ended process is often a student-directed one. Students can use the provided blanks to express their emotions and reactions. The students can either copy or outline the forms/designs. Or, they may just choose to draw one element. The possibilities are endless and they can choose to copy, outline or draw the designs. Encourage active participation in at least one form.

*Printable *Worksheets allows you to converrt files in a variety of formats for free

Copyrighted images are possible for some images. These images are allowed to be used in compliance with Fair Use in Education. They will enhance the appreciation of artwork by art lovers and increase their knowledge about works from famous artists.

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It’s great!

It’s great!


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