Art Curriculum for Middle and High School plus Support and Video Demos

Art Curriculum for Middle and High School plus Support and Video Demos

Can be used for 6th – 11th, Higher Education, Homeschool
Mostly used with 6th and 7th students.

Includes: PDF, 400 pages

Prepare for Back to School. All year of art. This resource is more comprehensive and well-rated than other art curriculums that cost 10, 20, or 30 times as much.

Teachers deserve the best for a reasonable price. Drawing, painting, sculpture and collage are all covered in this Art Lesson. A complete Art Curriculum. More than 400 pages of visual arts education. 150 pages of linked lessons. The Complete Art Curriculum includes everything you need to cover Visual Art in your school. This video series now includes more than 90 demonstrations. The focus is on the Elements of Art and differentiation ……. This vast art teaching resource is excellent for both new and experienced Art teachers. This resource contains over 150 pages worth of linked art lesson plan that guide students through a balanced and broad art curriculum. Each lesson plan provides clear guidance for teachers, materials list, safety and health information as well as a student-friendly support sheet and expected progress information. The updated version now includes 18 art slideshows to inspire students as well a step-by clay-work slideshow, and a history art support resource. This was originally written for students at a school in the UK that feeds Oxford, Cambridge, and other selective schools. It has been rewritten for American education. I have taught students who have gone on to become doctors and architects. My department has been recognized nationally as the best in the nation. You might find it …. very helpful!

A 40-image slideshow of examples student work is included.

You will also find a bonus resource called “101 Amazing Ideas for Art Lessons”. This resource is a quick and easy way to get ideas fast! This resource will not let you down!

Lessons in the Complete Art Curriculum are:

Lesson 1 Tone

Lesson 2 Observation

Lesson 3 From observation to abstraction

Lesson 4 Relief

Lesson 5 Portraiture

Lesson 6 Portraiture part 2

Lesson 7 Portraiture part 3

Lesson 8 Clay

Lesson 9 Clay part 2

Lesson 10 Clay part 3

Lesson 11 Color

Lesson 12 Color part 2

Lesson 13 Color part 3

Lesson 14 Three dimensional

Lesson 15 Three dimensional part 2

Lesson 16 Three dimensional part 3

Lesson 17 Three dimensional part 4

Lesson 18 Human figure

Lesson 19 Human figure part 2

Lesson 20 Human figure part 3

Lesson 21 Human figure part 4

Lesson 22 Architecture

Lesson 23 Architecture part 2

Lesson 24 Architecture part 3

Lesson 25 Architecture part 4

Lesson 26 Color abstraction

Lesson 27 Color abstraction part 2

Lesson 28 Color abstraction part 3

Lesson 29 Color abstraction part 4

Lesson 30 Masks

Lesson 31 Masks part 2

Lesson 32 Masks part 3

Lesson 33 Masks part 4

Lesson 34 Dramatic landscapes

Lesson 35 Dramatic landscapes part 2

Lesson 36 Dramatic landscapes part 3

Lesson 37 Abstract landscapes

Lesson 38 Abstract landscapes part 2

Slideshows included cover the following themes:





Dramatic landscapes






Natural textures








Clay workshop

101 Amazing Ideas for Art Lessons

Video demonstrations cover drawing techniques, painting, sculpture, photography, use of Adobe Photoshop, printing …. and so much more. More than 70 videos total

I appreciate you taking the time to look at my art resource. Thank you for looking at my art resource. Please leave feedback if possible. I want it to be as great as possible.

This resource can be used in the UK by UK citizens who have KS3 access.

You can also purchase this resource as a Google Drive file. To access it, click here.

The download includes 37 files. Due to the sheer volume of files, some people have had difficulty locating the most important file (the art lessons). The title of each lesson is written in capital letters, and it is called ARTLESSONS DOCUMENT. We hope you find it easier to navigate.

This book is extremely comprehensive. I particularly like the short, easy-to-understand one-pagers. The lessons are easy (in a good way) but can be adapted depending on your supply situation.

I purchased this thinking that it would separate the grades. The art start guide is a list of lessons. There are no suggestions for grade levels. The zip is not user-friendly as it contains a bunch of files. It was regular price, and it dropped to $10 the following day.


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