Art Detectives: Mystery of the Stolen Mona Lisa

Art Detectives: Mystery of the Stolen Mona Lisa

This can be used by Homeschool students for grades 5-12.

Included: PDF, 23 Pages

Find out the truth behind the Mona Lisa theft and follow the clues. The top art thieves in history will be examined by students. Students then write about their theories and who took the painting.

For historical accuracy, this lesson was carefully researched. These facts, evidence and suspects are accurate. The information has been simplified for the benefit of students learning about art history and real crime. The photos will show the crime scene, real criminals, and actual suspects. You won’t see anything scandalous, but it’s not something you want to show your students! This download includes a worksheet that your students can use to take notes on the suspects and clues, and draw their own conclusions as they listen.

This file contains:

Leonardo da Vinci

“Was Mona Lisa a real person?”


Letter from Chief asking students for their help in solving the mystery

The timeline of the events surrounding theft


Pablo Picasso is one of four top suspects! Yes, really!

Journal Activity

Catching the criminal

What and how the thieves did it?

Legend of the Mona Lisa

*This product is NOT editable.

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