Art Genre Cards (Art Posters)

Art Genre Cards (Art Posters)

It can be used by students who are not of the same grade.

Includes PDF and 10 pages

Do you find it difficult to describe which art styles are what?

These cards can be placed in the classroom so students have a place to refer to when they are learning about artists or categorizing artworks according genre. **I keep mine above my projection screen so I can quickly reference them with my students!**

It is possible to have your students classify their artwork, and then include this information in written statements.

It’s no longer necessary to describe A MILLION TIMES what a portrait is, what it looks like, or how non-objective art works. Is!

In the following pages you will find a set of thirteen 4”x10.5” art genre cards (2 on each 8.5″x11″ paper) and one header card. I’ve included: abstract, non-objective, representational, landscape, cityscape, seascape, still life, genre painting, history painting, animal painting, self-portrait, portrait, and typographic (a newer category I’ve added for more modern graphic art based in typography).

If you are using the “Academic Hierarchy of Genres” you will only need the following cards in the following order: 1. The History of Painting is 2. Portrait, 3. Painter of Genre, 4. Landscape, 6. Nature Paintings, 5. Still Life Painting.

If you don’t have a borderless printer, I recommend that your printer be “scaled to fit paper”.

Also, this set of cards matches well to my Modern Art Movement Card SetYou can!

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I have found this resource to be extremely helpful for my ELL students. I find it amazing to be able to access all the art vocabulary words with translations and a picture. Pictures are clear and bright, and words are easy to understand and read. This has been an invaluable resource. We are grateful for your sharing.

My art space is limited in terms of visuals, so I have very little wall space. The cards are however small enough that they can be used and still include all information (dictionary, definitions, visual, etc.).


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