Art History for Elementary Bundle (13 Art Units with Teacher Scripts)

Art History for Elementary Bundle (13 Art Units with Teacher Scripts)

Can be used for 1st – 3rd, Homeschool students.

Includes: PDF, 200+

This is a unique collection of art lessons and projects for elementary students that focuses on art, history, culture, geography and literacy integration – all in a child-friendly presentation. This book contains enough art lessons and writing projects to last you a whole school year.

Teacher Scripts: You do NOT need any previous experience or background knowledge of art or art history – the work is all done for you. Start at page 1. Each art unit starts with a teacher script that can be read aloud to children. You will have an engaging discussion with your classmates if all the questions are included.

Literacy Integration: Because it is often tricky to find time for art lessons, this collection focuses on literacy integration so that students will end each art lesson by sharing, comparing, discussing and writing about the project. Writing prompts, reflection writing exercises, word searches, and coloring pages are included in every unit.

Teacher Feedback: Take a look at over 1,000+ reviews below to see how other teachers have used these lessons to create a fantastic art program with literacy integration!

This curriculum gives teachers everything they need to provide an in-depth and comprehensive art history journey.

These resources are only intended for use in a single classroom. It is not permissible to use these resources for commercial purposes like Outschool.

What’s in Each Lesson?

Each lesson has:

  • a teacher script to read aloud with simple information about the time period
  • a relevant art project
  • one or more extension art projects
  • Reflect and Review page to review concepts
  • coloring page of famous art
  • word search with relevant vocabulary for early finishers

Students (and teachers!) You will be able to understand the history of art and its progression.

You and your little artists will soon be an expert in art history.

You should also download the BONUS FILE, which contains lots of writing templates as well as additional information about art teaching.

Organization of Lessons

This is a collection of art history lessons arranged chronologically, beginning with Cave Art and Egyptian Art / Hieroglyphics, and continuing through history with artists such as Leonardo DaVinci, Vincent Van Gogh and Monet!

NOTE: The bundle saves you more than 25%

Artists and Art Periods Included:

  1. Cave Art
  2. Egyptian Art
  3. Roman Mosaics Art
  4. Renaissance – Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa and Inventions
  5. Baroque – Rembrandt Portraits
  6. Romantic – Turner’s Warm/Cool colors
  7. Impressionist – Monet’s Lily Pond
  8. Post Impressionist – Van Gogh’s Starry Night
  9. Pointillism – Seurat
  10. Abstract Art – Piet Mondrian
  11. Expressionism – Edvard Munch’s The Scream
  12. Cubism – Pablo Picasso Collage
  13. Modern Art – Ted Harrison Arctic Art

Common Questions Answered:

Which materials are neeeded?

These art projects use inexpensive and readily available supplies. I have experience working in schools with low budgets and understand the importance of having access to affordable supplies. The lessons are simple to complete with paper, markers, paints and pastels. A materials list is available in the preview.

What background knowledge is required?

It doesn’t matter if you have any background in art history to start – you might find yourself an expert on art history alongside your students!

What is the time required?

It will depend on your age and whether you decide to do all of the related writing activities, extensions projects, or projects within each unit. There are many options! The unit discussion, teacher read-aloud script, art lesson and clean up take around an hour. You may need to add art lessons or writing extensions.

Are lessons required to be completed in the correct order?

Even though the lessons are ordered chronologically according to history, you don’t need to complete them all. You have the option to choose and pick from all of the activities, but you don’t have to do them all. If you are unable to finish the art project during art period, you may want to use the word searches, extension writing projects and coloring pages available in your writing center each Monday or for those who have just finished.

What are the Literacy & Geography Components of this program?

The program includes many literacy components. This will allow you to integrate it with your writing, social studies, and early knowledge of geography, history, culture, and culture.

Students can use the included world map to mark the focus areas of each lesson.

What is the Read Aloud script for teachers?

This unit can be taught by anyone with an understanding of art history. As each lesson begins, the teacher reads aloud script. Questions are included for your students. You can go to page 1 and start teaching!

What about the early finishers?

Reflect/review pages for those who have just finished their art projects. I also included word searches, printables, and coloring sheets for each artist or period. These can also serve as extension lessons and literacy centers.

What kind of reference materials will I need?

With a simple internet search, all lessons can be easily supported visually.

For copyright reasons the art pieces are not included, but it’s more beneficial to project digital versions so all students can view paintings properly. Each lesson begins with a clear listing of the title and artist of the artwork. Just type the information into Google and click “images”. Then you can share it with the class using the whiteboard. To complete this unit, you don’t need to go to any particular website.

How do I manage student work?

A scrapbook can hold all projects, making it a great portfolio. Included is a scrapbook cover. The cover can be used to decorate the wall with your wonderful artwork, or it can be added later into the scrapbook together with any extension projects.

Teacher Tip: I’ve been doing these lesson with multi-age buddy classes for 12+ years, with great success. I highly recommend pairing students from different grades for these projects if you get the chance! As “big buddies”, we paired grade 2’s and grade 5’s last year.

For a more detailed overview, please click the preview button.


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You also get 25+ drawing videos – simply press play to let students draw! Click HERE to see some of them.

The wonderful feedback that I have received about these art units is truly appreciated!

It is important to me that art be kept alive in classrooms through the integration of other subjects. I thank you for your support!

If you have any ideas or concerns, please email me directly at [email protected]


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Just great from beginning to end. This site is great for teachers with no art degree. This gives me the opportunity to start my research. My professional goal is to produce more art at a higher frequency. It’s not something I excel in. These lessons have been printed and penciled in to my long-term plan. I’m so happy and my students in 2nd and 3rd grades will think I’m a rockstar – even though I have given credit where credit is due.

This is amazing !!!! I have spent money previously on average products that I bought in stores, but never felt they were right. This is what I’ve been searching for. Simple, with lots of examples. It was very easy to do. Great job!


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