Art History Lessons: Vivid, Vibrant Van Gogh A Fall Themed Bundle

Art History Lessons: Vivid, Vibrant Van Gogh  A Fall Themed Bundle

It can be used by K-6th graders, Homeschoolers.

Included: PDF, 96 Pages

Vivid, Vibrant Van Gogh – A Fall Themed Bundle is a way for children to discover the amazing world of Van Gogh. Using his beautiful paintings as inspiration to understand the artist’s painting style, children create their own paintings inspired by Van Gogh’s famous artwork. This lesson is a great example of how to combine art history and basic art supplies in order to make beautiful art every student can be proud of.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve found that it is easier to create thematic units for K-6 than it was for classrooms. This saves time and allows you to gather books and inspirational materials that can be shared between grades.

The bundle includes lessons suitable for all grades, from kindergarten through sixth grade.

You can complete all the lessons in just two classes of 50 minutes.

The bundle of 96 pages includes 7 Fall-inspired Lesson Plans

Wheatfield with Crows (grades K – 1)

Into the Woods with Van Gogh (grades 2 – 3)

Farmhouses Among Trees (grades 3 – 4)

Mulberry Tree (grades 3 – 4)

Autumn Landscape (grades 3 – 4)

Evening Landscape with Rising Moon (grades 4 – 5)

Still Life with Apples (grades 5 – 6)

Full-color tutorials in color for every Van Gogh lesson.

Information about each Van Gogh paint

Van Gogh Full color 11×17 poster

Vocabulary and vocabulary for every lesson

– Each art lesson has learning objectives

Supply requirements

Artist Statement Form

For each lesson, I Can Statements

– Student gallery

Photo tutorial: “How to Make Painted Paper.”

National Core Art Standards Checklist

As an extension of the coloring sheets handouts, you can use them for young finishers. For inspiration, novice teachers may use a projector.


My lesson plans are printed out and stored in my Art Teacher Planner. Printing the handouts for coloring is not necessary if printing concerns are high. They can be photocopied inexpensively in black or white.

Vincent Van Gogh’s autumn paintings were the inspiration for these charming projects. In these pieces, he really captures Autumn’s beauty.

Mixed media projects are created using oil pastels and tempera paints as well as chalks, sulphite papers, chalks, and construction paper. They also include painted paper scraps.

These lessons will be great for children aged 6-12, but you can adapt many of them for your students by following these instructions.

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