Art History-Research Poster

Art History-Research  Poster

It can be used to teach Homeschool students 5th-12th grade.

Included: PDF, 10 Pages

Art History-Research Poster

Art History forms the base of many of my lessons. Art History may not always be easy to explain to teenagers. However, this lesson makes art history exciting!

Is it possible to make Art History fun? This project is Art History-Art Period Research Poster.

This project will require students to research, create, and publish a research poster that provides a glimpse of art historical periods. You should incorporate elements that reflect the style of each art period and highlight important works. The library and the internet will be used by students to conduct research on a chosen art period and to gather information about key artists. Students then use their imagination to create posters to share their knowledge in an engaging and creative manner.

These include:

1. Lesson

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4. Exemples

5. 5.

6. Downloadable worksheets to help students

This project will help you explore art history and periods of art!

It is useful for:

1. Visual Arts Class – This is a great tool to teach art history.

2. Art History – Get away from your research paper and get creative

3. Art in History Classes – Learn about time periods and cultures using art

4. Languages other than English: Use art to learn about culture. Students can complete the task in another language.

This resource may be of interest to you if you enjoy it.

Artist Research Poster Project

This research project on artistry is ideal for Middle School or High School art or language classes, as well as history or language classes. It focuses on great artists’ artistic accomplishments.

Fun and creative artist research can help middle school and high school students in art!

Middle and high school students will conduct research and design a poster on an artist to give the viewer an insight into the artist’s life. The poster should reflect elements of the artist’s style and work. Students will use the internet and the library to research an artist and create a poster that presents their discoveries in a creative and fun way.

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This is a great resource.

This is a great resource that will help you get started.


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