Art Lesson Bundle Art With Faces

Art Lesson Bundle Art With Faces

It can be used by Homeschool, 1st through 4th grade students.

Includes: PDF, 23 pages plus cover, credits, copyright

This lesson focuses on line, shape and color. Drawing, collage, watercolor, and using watercolor are some of the creative techniques students can use to create three compositions that were inspired by Leonardo DaVinci (Pablo Picasso) and Paul Klee. They also learn about Cubism and contour drawing. These worksheets include drawing tips and art reflection worksheets.

These lessons are included:

Geometric Abstract Face CollagePablo Picasso’s abstract collage made entirely of geometric shapes.

Mona Lisa Self-Portrait is inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and begins with a guided observation of that famous painting.

Portrait of Wax Resistant Self This combination of face drawing and watercolor is inspired by Paul Klee and Pablo Picasso.

The following are included in every lesson:

Here is a listing of arts concepts and art skills that are addressed

A list of required materials

Art vocabulary targeted and associated vocabulary

Here are some suggestions on how to use related artworks

Step-by-step instructions for teaching the lesson

Step-by step instructions to help you complete the art project

Ideas for expanding or changing the lessons

Directions and ideas for viewing and discussing art

Writing extension ideas

Photographs of student work are available for your reference

This lesson package also includes:

• two Refer to the teacher’s reference sheet:Both Tips for Drawing Faces (both of which are in the two lessons)

• two art reflection student worksheetsEncouragement to help you think about and compare two pieces of art.

Informational text/response printings

-About Leonardo da Vinci – informational text artist biography

-Thinking about Leonardo da Vinci – a “draw and write” response worksheet

These lessons will teach you how to appreciate art, technique and analyze art, and help to create authentic art and education.

The National Core Visual Arts Standards will be listed at the start of every lesson.

The resource includes information about the National Core Visual Arts Anchor Standards as well as an overview on how Art education can support other curriculum areas.

These suggested grade levels should only be considered as suggestions. Lessons can easily or more complicatedly modified to fit any elementary grade.

********** PLEASE NOTE *********

These lessons can be taken individually.

Lessons in related art:

Drawing Lessons with People

Have Fun with Abstract Faces

Additional Art Instructions and Art-integrated Resources:

Children’s Artist Biographies – informational text with ‘draw and write’ response prompts

“”>IntegratingBundle Art Across The Curriculum Sampler – five integrated Art lessons

Language Arts Strategies and Art BundleLanguage Arts Skills through Art observation and Discussion

Art task cardsFor those with early finishes or art centers, self-directed Art Activities for Early Finishers.


Retired elementary teacher. I was also an art teacher. I have a Multiple Subjects credential, a Single Subject credential for Art and English, LDS/ESL certification, a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education with a Mathematics focus, and Montessori certification. All elementary grades were covered, as well as special students such as ELL, GATE and at-risk. Share2Learn and Creating Art With Kids lessons and resources were created to promote creativity and choice among students and encourage them to create authentic art. Developmental appropriateness and differentiation options are all considered. Teachers’ individuality is also taken into consideration. This is why the instructions are not specific, expectations are flexible, and student pages with clip art are kept to a minimum.


These are the Terms and Conditions

You are allowed to use the copy in a single classroom. This includes any homeschool classes. An additional license can be purchased at a lower price. Only one classroom may be used for electronic distribution. The public and/or online display of this resource is not permitted. This resource should not be published on school or district websites. Please do not give away my work. 


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I love these materials
With student reflection, Helping me to be an expert.
It resonates and is in line with my art-teaching philosophy.

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