Art Lesson Fall Leaves

Art Lesson Fall Leaves

This can be used to teach 3rd – 6th grades, Homeschoolers.

Includes: PDF, 20 + powerpoint file

The art project is easy to prepare and will make your class proud.

This lesson includes a teacher overview, page of stencils and a review of elements and principles. I also included student reflection sheets, rubrics and detailed step-by-step illustrations for students. Also included are completed examples. For paper savings, both the rubric and student reflection sheets are provided in half-sheets.

The resource includes a zip file that contains both the PDF and the powerpoint files. As students are completing each step of the art activity, you can show them the slides individually as you go. If you don’t have access to a projector, you can use the PDF with the students to explain each step.

The circles will be drawn by students using a compass. However, if they find this too challenging, they can trace an edge with a curve or draw lines manually to create a new look. Students will receive a page with leaf stencils. However, if time is tight, they could use the stencil sheet as a template to create their own art pieces. This is also useful for differentiation, if this seems more beneficial to some students. Students should be allowed to create their art using the stencils as they see fit.

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Jen, thank you! You are amazing! It was purchased for my art teacher. I am grateful for the clear teacher and student instructions. They are easy to understand, step-by-step. Great for deeper reflection. Every student is required to evaluate and compare the final product with the same directions. The art of art is subjective, interpretive and so creative. Have a wonderful fall!

This art project will give your students a break from their daily routine. This finished project looks fantastic hanging on your bulletin board wall.


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