Art Lesson: Miro Skyscapes

Art Lesson: Miro Skyscapes

This can be used to teach Homeschoolers 2nd-7th grade.

Includes PDF and 8 pages

For a playful and interactive way to introduce students and teachers to Joan Miro, use this roll-and-draw sheet. Create a surrealistic skyscape with students in Joan Miro style. Directions: • Roll the dice and pick a large shape to add to your paper. It is important to draw it large.
• Add 3 horizontal and 3 vertical li…

Rolling the dice to win a project can be thrilling. I love that each one comes out different.

These roll-and draw activities are my favorite. These are my favorite. I find them to be a delight with all my students. It’s also a wonderful lesson that can be passed on to subs.


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