Art Lesson Plan + video. Notan Square for High School Art. Editable

Art Lesson Plan + video. Notan Square for High School Art. Editable

This can be used by 8th-11th grade students.

Also available in PDF

This proven classroom-tested lesson plan will introduce your high school art classes to the art and technique of notan square. The lesson plan can be modified for distance learning. You can edit the documents/presentations 100% and download pdfs immediately.


The Teacher Packet

 Private streaming video intro / step by step demo (QR code and link provided)

• Two formal lesson plans

• Answer Key for student vocabulary page

• Powerpoint Presentation (fully scripted / narrated audio embedded)

• Preparation Checklist & Post Lesson Reflection Page

• 6 student examples

• QR code (png) to print or post as needed

The Student Packet

 Student Note Taking Guide (Video QR code embedded)

• Assignment overview with grading rubric


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Get down-loadable information

The resource is available as a zip file. Teachers and students packets are available in word doc format for easy editing AND as pdf files for fast uploads. You can also download the student examples as jpgs.

You can’t wait for this resource to be available.

It is a great resource.


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