Art Project Animated Self-Portrait

Art Project Animated Self-Portrait

Can be used for 5th – 8th, Homeschool
Mostly used with 8th students.

Includes: PDF, 44 pages

This self-portrait art lesson teaches students in elementary or middle school how to create a realistic portrait that they can animate in seconds. This PowerPoint contains step-by–step instructions, photos and lesson plans. It also includes exclusive YouTube videos. This animated self portrait can be animated in seconds. You can save it as a video file or tweet it to youtube, Instagram, and/or Twitter.

This lesson can be used as an art project for elementary or middle school.

Teachers are saying…

  • It worked so well that the children were amazed at how their self-portraits could speak!
  • This is a great way to integrate technology into the classroom for today’s students!
  • This was something I tried out and was impressed by the results. Thank you.

What’s included with the animated self portrait?

  • Two weeks of detailed art lesson plans saving teaching prep time
  • 27 slide PowerPoint beautifully designed with step by step instructions and photos
  • 4 exclusive youtube tutorial videos for drawing girls & boys
  • Tips and tricks for success are throughout the lesson and videos

How are teachers and students supported?

  • Eight-part self-assessment for students to evaluate and improve their work
  • Printable step-by-step guide for students to work at their own pace.
  • Comprehensive list of modifications and differentiation methods for meeting the needs of all children in your class
  • Step-by-step directions to animated in seconds.
  • No extra prep needed, just take photos of students

Other ways to use this project include:

  • At school events like the art show set up laptops with animated portrait videos playing special messages (click to add them to youtube, while playing select loop on the laptop).
  • Click a button to tweet the videos of students’ self-portraits.
  • Each year, take new portraits with your students to show how they’ve grown and changed.
  • Make portraits that are different in style by using pop art or expressionist paints.
  • You can create backgrounds in any medium to incorporate student choice.
  • For Mother’s Day gifts, add simple mats.


Acetate sheets, paints, sharpie, and the ability to photograph students and print the photo is black and white. A comprehensive supply list is included in the lesson plan. A free app for Android and Apple can be used to animate. Students will need at least one tablet or phone to animated their art.

This lesson is not recommended to be used for distance learning.

Excellent!!!! It’s amazing! It was a great experience. Thank you.

Excellent!!!! It’s amazing! This was something I tried out and was amazed at the results. Thank you.


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