Art Project: Superheroes ! Pop Art

Art Project: Superheroes ! Pop Art

This can be used to teach 3rd-12th grades, homeschooling students.

Included: PDF, 23 Pages

Superheroes are a favorite of many. These superheroes are loved by students.

It’s a popular theme for boys, but it can be enjoyed by girls as well.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to practice drawing characters while learning from Roy Lichenstein. This is through the Pop Art movement.


  • Grades 3 through 8. Great for High School and Junior High.


  • Feelings for drawing


  • Permanent black felts
  • Coloured regular felts
  • Paper glossy or tactile
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Lead pencil, eraser

Visual Language

  • Thin and thick lines
  • Primary colours
  • Superposition

This document contains:

  • Photos and a step-by-step explanation
  • Different examples of heros and heroines were drawn by me when I was drawing superheroes.
  • Example of Onomatopoeias. Pouf ! Pouf!
  • Criteria for evaluation

Time: 6 classes

The following workshop is worth completing before you begin this project. – Drawing a Person: Art Lesson.

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This activity was paired with “dress like Superhero” Day, where everyone wore their eyemasks and capes. It was great fun, and we completed all the activities in them!

Virtually all year, my eighth graders loved this project. I was able to do it in our Google Glass room with slides. This allowed me to help each student when they needed guidance or questions about how to draw their super hero. It was great for students to be able either to make their own backgrounds or copy the ones shown. This project was so well done that I was able crop the photo and submit it for our district’s art competition. The lesson provided me with a lot of useful information and was extremely enjoyable. This lesson will be used with 8th graders.


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