Art Resolutions 2020 are…(2 pages Flip Books)

Art Resolutions 2020 are...(2 pages Flip Books)

This can be used by K-through-4th grade students.

Includes PDF and 5 pages

The zip file contains 2 files: pdf and jpg. Each folder includes 5 pages.

You can download this activity in two pages. Both can be used as Flip Books.

Students will be required to staple and cut the book. The students will color and trace the pages.

Book 1: “In Art 2020, I will learn …”” and it is better suited for advanced drawing classes. They can draw or trace their own.

You will need to enter the year in which you are entering it, 2 0 2 _____.

Book 2: Art History. “Identify the Artworks.” Students will identify artwork using the following method:

1. Types: Ceramic, Architecture, Painting, Drawing, Print, Sculpture, and Other.

2. 2. Culture: Egyptians, Greeks, French, German, or Prehistoric.

The answer is written on the space provided.

The 5 Art History artworks photos are stored in a separate file folder.

All images are jpg. offers a free conversion service if you require a file in a different format.

They complete the activity by cutting out rectangles on the dotted lines. Then they staple each one to the photo on top left of the paper using only two staples. This is how they make their flipbooks. You can teach them, learn from them or make your own flipbook game.

Notice: Students may use any copied images, artist’s photos, or artwork for the enhancement of their Art History, and to enhance their appreciation of Art. This is in compliance with Fair Use in Education.

Please contact me if you have questions. For those who are not familiar with Open-Ended Art activities, download my “Open-Ended Art Is …”” PDF. You will earn points for leaving feedback and receive products from TPT.

Share and enjoy!

This is a cute way to encourage children’s learning.

Flip books are my favorite! Many thanks!


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