Art Standards TEKS: Kindergarten – 5th Bundle

Art Standards TEKS: Kindergarten - 5th Bundle

This can be used by K-5th grade students.

Included: PDF, 342 pages

Elementary Art TEKS Objectives: BUNDLE Kinder-5th {Word Wall Cards}

You need to upload the art standards along with student work.

You can use these cards to display student work in your classroom. This is a wonderful way to show what you have been doing in your art room and also post proof of the standards that were taught.

This advocacy tool is huge! Many of my teachers friends were surprised to hear that specials teachers must also teach standards.

This brightly colored TEKS card looks great printed. You can laminate it if desired! You can make the slides moveable by attaching magnets or Velcro. All colors and all inks are available!

You can now choose from full-page, half-page or quarter pages! To help you keep organized, each grade level has been color-coded!

The ZIP file contains all the items in this BUNDLE.

Art TEKS Kindergarten

Art TEKS 1st Grade

Art TEKS 2nd Grad

Art TEKS 3rd Grade

Art TEKS 4th grade

Art TEKS 5th grade

You will receive a zip file containing 12 PDFs. They can be projected onto any screen or device you have in your class, such as a smart board, whiteboard, and/or whiteboard. Although this product does not contain a PowerPoint presentation, it can be used in full-screen mode as a PowerPoint. The file is great for printing!


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