Art Sub Lesson: Captivating Castles – Drawing Lesson for Art Subs and Teachers

Art Sub Lesson: Captivating Castles - Drawing Lesson for Art Subs and Teachers

It can be used by Homeschool students for grades 2-5.

Included: PDF, 29 Pages

The editable sub-plan for art requires very little preparation. This plan is ideal for emergency situations. The castles fascinate students. Students’ imaginations are blown away by castles and the romanticism of medieval times. They will be learning about castles in medieval Europe and their architecture as well as the reason for its design. The lesson also includes photos and illustrations of old castles from the Limbourg brothers in the early 1400’s.

The lesson will be reviewed and the students will create a castle according to their design. The students will not only use the architectural elements they know, but also be encouraged to create their own.

The lesson can be used for an emergency sublesson but is also suitable for classroom teaching.

The PowerPoint can be used in 2 ways. This PowerPoint can be printed and displayed to students, or projected.

There are very few supplies required. Students will require paper, pencils, crayons, markers, and other supplies.

It is designed so you can teach it completely using the slide prompts. Although it was intended to be taught in grades 2 through 5, older students could still benefit from the lessons.

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It was amazing to see this. I had to have a sub for Art day, which was part of our fairy tale unit. I loved that the sub enjoyed following along with the slides. The students also loved being able to give their unique touches to their castles. Recommend.

It was super easy to use for both the subs and me. They are great because they have everything you need to make a sub. The students loved building their castles.


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