Art Sub Lesson – There Be Monsters! – Maps – Sea Monsters – Exploration

Art Sub Lesson - There Be Monsters! - Maps - Sea Monsters - Exploration

It can be used as a 3rd, 5th or Homeschool.
This is a great tool for 4th- and 5th grade students.

Included: PDF, 21 Pages

Art sub plan

You may find this lesson useful if you teach middle and elementary school via the internet. The lesson requires only pencils, crayons, and paper. The visuals as well as the instructions/scripts are included. The pages can be printed and shown to others, or you could insert them in your lesson if you have the skills. I’m not sure how to do it yet.This map and monsters lesson will be a hit with kids. This lesson was created with art students in mind. However, it can also be used by art teachers or classroom teachers.

……As sub-lesson ….

You don’t need to prepare for this lesson. This is great for emergencies and when you are in desperate need of a backup plan. This lesson is easy to learn and enjoyable. Only three supplies are required to teach this lesson: pencil, crayons and paper. The lesson can be adapted to other materials if you wish.

The students will be able to see various visuals of ancient maps, and discuss the bizarre monsters they contain. The students will be able to create sea monsters using a map. Each student will create their own sea monsters on a map.

The lesson can be shown on a projector or printed and read as if it were a book. It contains all the information that the teacher should tell his students. You will also find directions and questions.

This resource was amazing! This resource was great for classes.

Students were very engaged and completed the assignment without any difficulty.


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